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Dumbing things down

One of the big problems I see here in India (and the world) is that there are some people (like us) in urban areas who know what’s going on, but there are a lot of clueless people (some in urban areas … Continue reading

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Work and workers in the US vs India

There are big differences between how work is done in the US and in India. Granted that the work cost in India is much lower; however if you calculate the overall cost including managing the work,, it is pretty high, … Continue reading

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Loose (medicine) pills

I was surprised to be able to buy just 2 pills in India. This is good for the consumer. In the US. you could only buy a strip or bottle or whatever was decided, and so you ended up buying … Continue reading

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Proliferation of bird pests

In urban areas,  the number of pigeons and crows are exploding. Sometimes, local bird pests also join in. For example in this part of India, the population of cuckoos is exploding. Cuckoos are an egg-parasite, which also means that they … Continue reading

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Affluence and dental issues in India

I went to the dentist for some root canal work and it cost 12k+. i though then that it would be impossible for poor ppl to pay this amount. In this case I mean the working poor… But then, further … Continue reading

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Spaces for playing

In today’s world with urbanization, kids have lost all open playing spaces.   As a result, there is less of a community aspect and also the kids don’t get that exercise and lead a sedentary lifestyle and play video-games at … Continue reading

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Instant divorce (Triple talaq) legal ruling in India

Divorce law in India used to be different for Hindu families and for Muslim families. I don’t know why this was,. This illogical practice is very old. Like, 1400 years old. This is not any religious thing and is not … Continue reading

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