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Instant divorce (Triple talaq) legal ruling in India

Divorce law in India used to be different for Hindu families and for Muslim families. I don’t know why this was,. This illogical practice is very old. Like for 1400 years old. This is not any religious thing and is … Continue reading

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Automation and work in India

Like the world over, India will be largely affected by automation.   Don’t think of automation as only of large machines, robots, etc., but also of simple things like washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Lots of people in India will lose … Continue reading

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In the US, a lot of the communication is done via email and short messages are made via Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or Skype (on Computer). Whereas, in my experience in India, people use Whatsapp or SMS or Facebook Messenger … Continue reading

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Sound pollution in analysis of a few…

As you might know, sound pollution is very high in India. Sound or noise pollution causes not only discomfort, but also adverse physical effects, including hypertension, anxiety, etc. (Image found on the web)   So, I want to take few … Continue reading

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Industrial agriculture and monoculture

Developed countries have something known as industrial agriculture (or farming) is used to raise large quantities of a crop. Thanks to our consumerist culture, large quantities of a product are consumed and many times, in case of a food item, … Continue reading

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Your microbiome (part 1)

You might have heard about the human microbiome. The microbiome consists of the micro-organisms that are in or on a human body. Things like bacteria, viruses, amoeba, etc. Everybody is talking about this now, and new research shows that many … Continue reading

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Wild sparrows in urban India

These are some observations about house sparrows (chimnya in Marathi) in Pune, India, and I am sure that it applies to many urban areas too… I think there are 5 factors affecting small birds and reducing their numbers. Crows —— … Continue reading

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