Who am I?

Greetings, fellow earthling!

This blog is a convergence of many ideas and concepts related to science and healthcare and is inspired by technology, the quantified self, and notes about living on this planet.
I am a software architect, and have worked in large corporations and healthcare start-ups in San Francisco. I have been in the Healthcare field for more than a decade.
I also am a sound engineer, music producer (in iTunes as Groove Yantra), digital graphic artist (using Adobe Illustrator) and like Sacred Geometry, Fractals and art and good design. I also practise Yoga (Iyengar beginner).
I like a good User Experience and Information Architecture when it comes to software and things in life.

Let’s see: I speak English, Marathi (my local language), Hindi (the national language of India), German and can understand Punjabi (Indian language), Gujrathi (Indian language), (Brazilian) Portuguese, (Mexican) Spanish, Sanskrit, French, Italian, etc.

Please leave your comments here and share your thoughts…


2 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Alfonso says:

    Interesante. Llevo muchos años (más de 50), buscando en las distintas fuentes disponibles, del conocimiento de la humanidad, para entender que es lo que realmente somos, cómo estamos constituidos y cómo funcionamos. Veamos que aporta usted. Gracias.

    • Ra says:

      thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, mio no habla espanol, so I’ll stick to English. I used Google translate to understand what you are saying. I still don’t understand what exactly you say.
      But if you enjoy reading the blog, I’m happy. Also, i’d like to know about your experiences.

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