Automation and work in India

Like the world over, India will be largely affected by automation.


Don’t think of automation as only of large machines, robots, etc., but also of simple things like washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

Lots of people in India will lose their jobs, especially the poor folks like maids, domestic  helps, drivers, etc.
Home automation will greatly diminish the work and the job of a maid and other domestic workers.
It has already happened and the washing machine did away with the maid’s work of washing clothes. This will expand further.

Similarly, driving automation will greatly reduce the work of a driver. Driverless cars cannot really operate in India, as things are too chaotic and a large part of the chaos is caused by motorcycles and scooters and not cars.
Also, roads are not so organized to encourage driverless cars.

With automated  watering of the garden, the work of gardeners to water the plants will go away.

Think of a poor farmer. In the old days, they used to plough/plow a farm.
Tractors did that work later.
So, that work was not required of a farmer any more.

A lot of work-areas will be affected, and you can come up with scenarios in every sector.


This is also affecting political climates, because a lot of these poor people wrongly think that immigrants take their jobs, when actually, they are losing jobs to automation.
This is causing a wave of nationalist and an anti-immigrant rhetoric.

But to sum it up, a lot of labor-intensive work will get disrupted by automation.

India has a large population doing menial and labor-intensive jobs and so will be greatly affected by automation.


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