It is human (and natural) to procrastinate, and we all need a dose of that from time to time.
Strangely, it seems easier to procrastinate in the US than in India, although instinctively one might think it would be much easier to procrastinate in a developing country like India than the US.

I will touch on some points here.


In the US, a bill can be paid a month later or there is a lot of grace period, while in India a bill needs to be paid in 2 weeks or your utility or whatever item the bill is for is cut off. Reinstating is a big red-tape hassle, so you are always better off paying the bill.
This means that you cannot put off paying the bill in India.



Things online (for shopping) in India can be available in one moment and be out of stock and unavailable in the next moment, whereas I never experienced this in the US. That also means than item needs to be bought online in India whenever it is available because it may be unavailable the next time you shop. This is also true for brick and mortar or physical stores.



In India, there is no home-automation really, so one has to rely on a maid and other domestic help, which means that you have to work according to their timings and it is not easy to put things off for later.



In India and also some places in the US, timings are more important than the work done.
So, that means that you cannot work at weird hours, when you might be productive, but rather have to be present during work-hours.



Many places conform to the norms and work is usually 9-5 and you need to go to bed at xyz and your favorite TV programs are at 9pm or whatever time. That has changed now because of DVRs and the Internet


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