Controlled vs.natural environments

This is a kind of comparison between a US house and an Indian house.

A natural environment is healthy, but then it is also a slave to the elements.
I see more and more people in the world living in air-conditioned rooms. I mean affluent people.
With climate change, I think that in the future, we will need more and more controlled environments,

US homes are insulated and mostly are a controlled environment because it is too cold otherwise (in the northern areas). So, mostly, you have central heating and you can have central cooling as well.

Controlled environments are of two types viz. 1 room that is air-conditioned (common in India) and a centrally heated or cooled home (common in the US).

In India, a house is quite open, so rooms are pretty open too, with no air-conditioning mostly, and so you are a kind of slave to the elements.
The pros of this is that you can have sunshine and a natural breeze; the cons are that you are confronted with weather conditions that can be extreme and there Is not much that you can do about it.

As climate-change and global warming get worse, things will get worse in open environments. 
One will be unable to live in an environment, unless it is controlled


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