Picking noses and picking fights (in India)


I observed that never once did I think about mucus or my nose in the US, but in India, I am more conscious of it.
It could be due to a number of factors as below.

I find that the flow of mucus is much more in India.
It could be due to the heat. It could be due to more viruses and bacteria because of the close-to-tropical temperatures.
Also, there is a lot more dust, so that could also contribute to more mucus.

Lots of dust and dirt contribute more to boogers, and one has the habit of keeping one’s nose clean and that leads to more nose-picking.


Male aggression worldwide leads to more skirmishes.

Add to this, the social norms in India, and it is easy to send a wrong message to the other person. There seem to be more fights, also because people have more time.

All those factors lead to more violence among people.


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Software Engineer (worked in corporations to healthcare start-ups), Geek, Musician, Artist, Fellow Human - living in the covergence space of healthcare, software, interaction design, the quantified self and genetics, music and spirituality
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