Alternate energy

With the world moving away from using fossil fuels, it often makes me wonder of what the ramifications are?
How will this affect the middle-east and places that depended on oil like Nigeria, etc.?
Also, will this shift have a real impact on the environment? etc.

Overall, I think this moving away from oil is a good thing for many countries.
We need to reduce our dependence on oil.
Many countries had turned a blind eye to the atrocities in the middle-east. Oil triumphed humanity in a way. No more.
Many wars were waged for the hunger of oil.



Alternate energy sources can also provide sustaining energy for poorer countries.
Once the investment is made in the alternate energy source such as solar panels or wind turbines or whatever, the country can then harness energy regularly.
The country is not deemed to have oil reserves or not.
In that sense, the playing field is leveled.

Burning this oil was also bad for the environment.

The main means of generating power was by burning coal.
Burning coal was causing a lot of pollution and the world needs to move away from this.


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