Will corporations become ethical?

Now, this question in the headline is paradoxical, but it is not out of ethical consciousness that this will happen but more as a way to protect the resources used to make a product, so corporations will want to protect their product.

Anyway, I foresee that corporations will take steps that are in the ethical direction, for the following reasons:

1. Corporations want to ensure a good product. For e.g. a soda or soft-drink or juice company will want to ensure good water for its plant.

This in turn means that those corporations will want to protect and preserve the resources in order to maximize profit.

2 Corporations also have people at some level who make the corporate decisions and in today’s age of more transparency, the people who run a project will want to make ethical decisions, for moral purposes and for image issues.

3. Clients are becoming increasingly aware of ethical issues, which means that will not really do business or be associated with corporations that have unethical practices.

This all leads to better resource management and conservation in a weird sort of way, and this protection is bound to only increase as resources get scarce.


About Ra

Software Engineer (worked in corporations to healthcare start-ups), Geek, Musician, Artist, Fellow Human - living in the covergence space of healthcare, software, interaction design, the quantified self and genetics, music and spirituality
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