Why packaging will affect your children

I got a few packages delivered to me in India, and it was the worst packaging job ever.

So, I took a step back and tried to understand why it is the way it is.
I realized that many stores and shippers are still stuck to their old school ways, and many parts of the world have moved on, and offer much better packaging.

Even many manufacturers (as opposed just to stores) themselves now offer their products in pretty good packaging, and so it does not really make sense to put a well-packaged product again in another package.
This is at a time when a company like Amazon in the US (the world’s largest online store) is considering much more simpler packaging.


But online companies in India offer terrible packaging.

So, what is really bad in the packaging in India, and I’ll provide a brief analysis of why?

1. It is not eco-friendly
Honestly, does any company really consider this?
All they can think of is selling their product.

Thermocol is a petroleum product, and I feel that compressed hay and soft wood chips and sand can also be good packing materials.
But who cares now? Let our children worry about it 50 years later.

A good link to explain what theromcol is it at http://www.herebeanswers.com/2010/02/thermocol-and-its-manufacturing.html

2. It is hard to open
Any package in India might be handled by multiple people.
Even if packages are left out someone can tamper with them.
There could be theft of the substance inside, which is known as pilfering and Americans would not even know this concept.
So, this seems like a third-world problem to me.

Hence, a package is totally secured, and doubly taped to avoid this so-called pilfering, and this is at the cost of the end consumer.
Of course, the end product is intact, but to get to it is a pain.

I think this all can be avoided by using a end-to-end courier company, where a package becomes more of their problem rather then the seller’s.

3. Empathy for the end-user
Actually, this is a part of good service, but is ignored by many companies.

What a package in India teaches you is patience.

Granted that the consumerist Western culture provides an instant-gratification Nirvana to an end-user, so that they can use any given product right away.
The East provided the other side to this philosophy, where it was anti-consumerist in the past, but actually (whether we like it or not), they have surpassed everyone, and countries like China and India are consumerist havens.

This means that once a packaged product is in a consumer’s hands, the time between laying hands on the packaged product and being able to use the product has to be minimized.
This is where the empathy for an end-user comes in, and the executives of a store should be able to understand the issues with their package.
Till all this happens, one will not really see an improvement in the packaging process.


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