Naming a business – An anthropological insight

This blog post takes a social anthropological turn this time, and read on…

In India, people are not good listeners. This leads to many problems and also why call centers are less effective there (price and service). From a personal experience, the person was rattling off a solution for a problem I did not have; though it was similar to one I had.
In the Bay area in the US, people seem to be good listeners, and will wait for you to finish talking.
This, in a way, is also showing respect to the talker..but I digress…

So, how does this cultural trait play out in society?
I asked someone to visit a business (with a name and an address), but the person latched on to the name, and selective hearing kicked in and she thought she knew where the place I mentioned was. The address of her place was different from mine, and she found out the hard way.

So, what does this mean for a business in Indian society?
The way I see it is that a name has to be unique in a given area, so that any ensuing confusion is avoided and just the name can identify the business, and the address is not necessarily required if the person knows a place by that name.

That makes it important to have a unique name for a business if you want people to physically find it (till Google Search is available in the physical world).


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