Software affects us physically

Software is a tool that humans adapt to, and like many tools, humans externalize the functions that the tool can do, from their brain.

Nowhere is this is more evident than how online search changes the brain, because we no longer need to remember things like we used to. We can just do a search for things and find them.

This possibility of search means that we do not have to remember as much. Our brain changes because of this..
Science Magazine wrote about this and an article about this can be seen at

Search Engines live on the Internet and technically live in the cloud and so we externalize some pieces of memory to the cloud.

Now, this means 2 things
1. Software can cause physical changes
The search engines are pieces of software, and affect us physically, and in the mentioned case, it leads to altered memory functions in our brain.

2. Kids now are having different brains than earlier
This is more evident is children’s brains in developed countries because most of them use the Internet, and so search,and their brains are still under development.


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