The Alphonso mango…and more

I digress a bit in this blog, from Healthcare and widen the topics covered here, about other things…

So, I will talk a bit about one type of mango in particular…the Alphonso.

The Alphonso mango is a seasonal, tropical fruit (in India, it is available in end March-May) and is delicious to eat.

Some little known facts about this fruit…

Alphonso is named after a Portuguese nobleman and military expert who helped establish the Portuguese colony in India.
It was the Portuguese who introduced grafting on mango trees to produce extraordinary varieties like Alphonso. The fruit was then introduced to the Konkan region in Maharashtra, Gujarat and parts of south India.

Alphonso mangoes, known locally as Hapoos are not sprouted from a seed but all of them are grown from grafts.
An Alphonso seed produces an ordinary mango, not an Alphonso.

A pretty good read about how this fruit is sold and consumed is in the Travel section of the New York Times at,

CNN also wrote about it –

To read in detail about one variety and how the fruit is grown and shipped, go here –


This seems similar to Apples in the US, all of which are made by grafting as explained here –

“The Botany of Desire” by Michael Pollan is a must-read and the story of the US apple is tracked from its origins in Kazakhistan is quite fascinating, and PBS even has a portal for it –


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