The Myth of Barefoot Running

I have a pair of open-toed shoes made by Vibram (an Italian company) and they have no heel and have a minimal sole and it is like being barefoot but you have a small layer of the shoe.

Adidas and all other major shoe manufacturers jumped on this bandwagon, but of course because it it good for their business and not necessarily for the health of the user.
So, buyer beware.

Now, the human mind instinctively thinks that going barefoot is good for you. But, on the flip side, that is why we invented footwear in the first place.
Yes, barefoot may be good if you did that since you were born, but switching to it from shoes might actually cause injuries.
This is because our feet may not have developed the muscles and bones required to go barefoot safely.

“Barefoot” shoes or going barefoot is not for everybody and my advice to you is to try the shoe or going barefoot first.

Most shoe companies are laughing all the way to the bank and charge a premium for “barefoot shoes”, so you don’t want to be stuck with an expensive pair of shoes that you don’t really wear.

This article explains the concept in more detail –


Basically, there is no perfect recipe for feet, but sudden changes are not good for you.
The body adapts and gets conditioned to either shoes or going barefoot, but stick to it.


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