Describing you as your bacteria

As I mentioned in an earlier post, microbes make up more of you than human cells.
It only makes sense that we should try to understand disorders by studying it as well.

The Human Microbiome Project attempts to map the microbial communities in humans and to analyze their role:

Wikipedia also has an about it:
I mean, what does Wikipedia not have an article about Smile. You would have been laughed at if you had mentioned a people-authored encyclopedia earlier, but I digress.

This Canadian website:
is part of the International Human Microbiome Consortium, which was formed in 2008:

Why is it important and how it could be applied, to potentially change how Healthcare works can be seen at:
That article has many interesting links too.

A lot of scientific detail can be found at:

NY Times has an excellent article about it:
and in case you missed it, it has a nice graphic about it:

The BBC has written about it as well:

I think this a pretty important topic and this analysis will get more integrated into Healthcare as time goes by.


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