Thought for the day–Is Philosophy becoming a commodity? As taught by Deepak Chopra, no, my maid.

I take a slight detour from the previous Healthcare posts, and talk a bit about the notion of philosophy.

I was made to dwell and think about this when my cleaning lady said she reads Deepak Chopra. On one hand, I do follow him and think he is a good light for many but, in this case, I thought this was ironic on many levels.
He is a glamorous doctor-turned-philosopher in LA, and he should be also learning from people like her. I would think her life is more real and spiritual, with all her hardship.
It is weird that she must have known that I knew about him; clearly she has good observation power around the house.

Is that now, materialism makes her conform and follow him to learn about things that he sells, in the form of books and lectures? Of course, there is something for everyone to learn from others, but I thought this whole scenario was a bit odd!
This made it seem like philosophy is learnt by reading books or by following icons and it made it seem like it was a product and a commodity.
You can do some self-research on what it is.

It might be that this was just a common topic to make some conversation about OR was it that she felt that she could connect with me only through marketed things like these. Clearly I’m not a Macy’s type of guy, but this is kind of different from just going to a store, and made me ponder.


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3 Responses to Thought for the day–Is Philosophy becoming a commodity? As taught by Deepak Chopra, no, my maid.

  1. Do you think it may not be because it was marketed, but because of the Indian connection? I think India has had a reputation as a birthplace of many types of spiritualism and philosophy, which continues into modern times, with “gurus” from India or Indian descent bringing ideas to the Western world. Anyway, I have a feeling your cleaning lady was wanting to find common ground with you and the Indian connection was an easy way to do that. I’m all for commodification of philosophy if it opens peoples eyes a bit, hence the phrase “buy into”. If yoga or positive thinking can help our overly materialistic society, then it doesn’t really matter how it gets to us does it?

  2. gott style says:

    mehndi makes a good point!

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