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Describing you as your bacteria

As I mentioned in an earlier post, microbes make up more of you than human cells. It only makes sense that we should try to understand disorders by studying it as well. The Human Microbiome Project attempts to map the … Continue reading

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Case study: Painful stomach and bowel issues– Observing the disorder

A friend’s father is experiencing stomach pain, constipation and acidity, etc. and I’ll try to apply what I have learnt in my own research so far, and hopefully this is of use to many more who face similar issues… Offhand, … Continue reading

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Thought for the day–Is Philosophy becoming a commodity? As taught by Deepak Chopra, no, my maid.

I take a slight detour from the previous Healthcare posts, and talk a bit about the notion of philosophy. I was made to dwell and think about this when my cleaning lady said she reads Deepak Chopra. On one hand, … Continue reading

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You are your bacteria – how is Health related to diet?

The human body has approximately 1 trillion cells and it is an established fact and surprising to most of us that for every human cell of ours, there are 10 times as many bacteria. So it is plausible that our … Continue reading

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What is Omics? And how does it help Healthcare?

Lately, the Healthcare industry is seeing new technologies that are useful for measuring things and which are generating lots of data but it is hard (if not impossible) to process all this data and make full sense of it and … Continue reading

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