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The Growth of Citizen Science

Till the recent past, we were reliant on being handed down information from scientists or a specialist or your doctor, etc. and things were pretty much controlled within these bounds. The downside of this is that things do not get … Continue reading

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Hacking Your Genome

Most Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) companies like 23 And Me, decodeME, etc. offer raw data of your genome and this can be obtained by a user and used elsewhere. Obviously, this is an output of the sequencing process before they run their … Continue reading

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Genetic Testing

Testing one’s genes can be done in 2 ways nowadays: 1. Tests ordered by your doctor or hospital 2. Services ordered directly by you to know more about yourself, called Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) services. The former are tests ordered by your … Continue reading

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Why test your DNA?

Reading all the buzz around DNA, you might be asking yourself: Is there any reason to test your DNA? Even if you’re a healthy individual, there are certain aspects of sequencing your DNA will reveal that will help you to … Continue reading

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