Healthcare Devices – Portable Ultrasound

I thought to quickly write about a device that should help in the revolution of Healthcare.

I’m talking about the GE VScan which is a portable Ultrasound device, and moves the bulky and expensive ultrasound from a hospital to the field for quicker and more affordable diagnosis.
GE VScan

(Image from Flickr. Rights owned by GE)

A company video can be seen here and here is a demo by Dr. Eric Topol.

This is a good example of how Healthcare will change to:

  • Make it more convenient and reach people who cannot make it easily to their doctor’s place
  • Have scans more often and so monitor health more closely and not wait for an appointment. It is plausible to even own this device personally

I can see this kind of device having a great use for remote places like villages in India and China or hard to reach places in Africa where the patients cannot travel so easily to the doctor.


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Software Engineer (worked in corporations to healthcare start-ups), Geek, Musician, Artist, Fellow Human - living in the covergence space of healthcare, software, interaction design, the quantified self and genetics, music and spirituality
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