Applying Genetics – the present and the future

My last post covered the basics of genetics, and now we’ll cover the various aspects involved for using this knowledge.
This is too much to cover in one post, so I have a series and I’ll start with outlining the topics we’ll cover.
Go through the list just to understand how vast this field is.
I think everyone from every industry can play some role here and we’ve only just begun our journey.


Genetics and Healthcare as compared to the Software Industry
Moore’s Law

Keeping up with all the information
Blogs and Websites to follow
Related Books

Why test DNA?
Health Conditions
Drug Response
Personal Capabilities

DNA Testing


The Exome

Sequencing Techniques
The different generations

Genome Hacking and Crowd-sourcing

Data Interpretation and Statistics

Mapping the Genome

Genetic Counseling
Legal Issues

Patient Actions
Preventive Medicine
Health Prediction

Please add to this list if I have missed anything.


About Ra

Software Engineer (worked in corporations to healthcare start-ups), Geek, Musician, Artist, Fellow Human - living in the covergence space of healthcare, software, interaction design, the quantified self and genetics, music and spirituality
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