A Sleep Aid for you – White Noise audio file

I’ve heard a number of friends benefit from white noise as an aid to sleep. It somehow cuts out sudden disturbing sounds and street noise that could disrupt your sleep.
I’ve made a minute-long white noise file that you can download to your mp3 player or iPod and play it on loop to have a continuous sound while you nap.

You can download it from here: http://soundcloud.com/grooveyantra/white-noise-aid
After you follow the link, look for a down arrow button for download in the set of above the waveform.

You can also use it as an aid to privacy, where you can play the sound loud in a loop to drown out (to the outside world) any private conversations you have.

Please leave a comment if it helps you.


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Software Engineer (worked in corporations to healthcare start-ups), Geek, Musician, Artist, Fellow Human - living in the covergence space of healthcare, software, interaction design, the quantified self and genetics, music and spirituality
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