Food for thought: Does Milk cause Osteoporosis?

Recently I was surprised to watch a program on TV which stated that milk caused Osteoporosis.
(Read more about Osteoporosis here- <edit> I found this to be a pretty good article about milk and calcium:

This is quite contrary to my beliefs that milk is a good source of calcium.
So, what is the truth?
Please post your comments to enlighten us.

I tried to do some search-and-analysis but could not find any major research or health institution stating this.
Many vegan sites make the claim that milk is bad for you.
Their scientific reasoning is that milk protein is acidic and needs to be neutralized in the stomach (?) by something alkaline and the body leaches out Calcium (which is alkaline) from our bones to use for this. Good theory, but I have not seen any real proof.
The other claim (which makes some logical sense to me) is that milk is produced for calves to grow and they stop drinking it after they grow up, so why do we need milk as grown-up adults. If grown-up calves don’t need that kind of nutrition, why do we?
Also (another very sensible reason) dairy can be quite allergenic and can cause a runny nose, skin issues, etc., so I would recommend you do a dairy allergy test (Companies like Enterolab or Cyrex can do one for you). These tests can be sensitive and provide false-positives, so if you get a positive result, go off dairy and see if anything improves for you after 4 weeks. It apparently takes the human body 10 days to 3 weeks to get rid of dairy.

Any more information on this would help…but I’m not buying the argument for now.

There seems to be no link of Milk causing Osteoporosis
Dairy stays in the human system for 10 – 20 days
Dark, leafy veggies and legumes are a good source of calcium
Bone is destroyed more than created after you’re 30
Exercise, Calcium, Vitamin D and K reduce bone loss


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